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Options: 2% Milk | Skim Milk | Soy Milk | Water | Pineapple | Orange Juice

Add Tapioca to any smoothie.

100% Natural, no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavors/colors, vitamin and mineral fortified.

(Menu is subject to change)

All smoothies contain Milk and No-Fat Yogurt unless otherwise noted.

No Milk No Milk No Banana No Milk

Smoothies (16oz, 20oz, 24oz)

The Hamilton

Blueberries, banana, ACIA, pomegranate & blackberries.

Four Berry Fusion

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries & blackberries.

Tropical Oasis

Mango, pineapple & banana with oj.

Strawberry Twister

Strawberries with vanilla crème.

Euphoria Sunrise

Strawberry & banana with pineapple.

Coco Loco

Pineapple, banana & coconut.

Banana Berry Breeze

Blueberries & banana.

Banana Berry Breeze

Bluberries & Banana

Acai Jungle Juice

Acai, pomegranate, blackberries, blueberries with pineapple, orange juice & vanilla crème.

Peachy Peach

Peach, pear & apricot with vanilla crème.

Japan: Raspberry Squeeze

Raspberry & Lemonade.

Australia: Kangaroo Jack

Kiwi & strawberries.

Power Smoothies (24oz) (Contains Whey Protein)

Breakfast Smoothie

Strawberries with protein & wheat germ. Or try it with Peaches-n-Cream & granola.

Iron Man Energy

Strawberries with protein, power boost & antioxidants.

Viking Power Immunity

Mango with protein, power boost & immune builder.

Jungle Power Detox Cleanser

Acai, pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry with protein & fiber blend.

Stress Buster- No Worries

Pineapple, coconut & strawberries, protein, ginseng & stress buster power shot.

Resurrect Daily Dose

Contains over 30 raw, natural complex minerals & 19 amino acids! Peach & pear with protein & Max Power.

Low Carb/High Protein

Contains less than 15 grams of carbs.
Four berry with 32 grams of protein, made with water.

Aphrodite Beautiful Skin

The Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. Peach, pear & strawberries with vanilla crème, protein & our antioxidant blend.

Euphoria Ambrosia Slim Power

The supermodel of fruit smoothies Pineapple, coconut, peach & pear with orange juice & slim power blend.

Germany: Raging Bull

Strawberry, pineapple & coconut mixed with red bull & protein.

Power Shots

Each Euphoria POWER SHOT is a blend of nutrients formulated to provide specific benefits while providing 100% DRV of Vitamins plus essential Minerals. POWER SHOTS are provided in liquid form to maximize the body's absorption of nutrients.

  • Mind Power
  • Energy Power
  • Peace Power
  • Immune Power
  • Fiber Power
  • Love Power
  • Green Power
  • Detox Power
  • Slim Power

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