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About Utica Coffee Roasting

Utica Coffee Roasting is Utica's original small batch coffee roasting and coffee house the only place to find freshly roasted and ground coffee in blends that are from different places in the world. We are proud to offer our customers with the highest quality coffee which we roast and serve fresh at our store in the Historic Bagg's Square West district in Utica New York. We order our green coffee beans from the highest quality specialty coffee importers and provide the highest quality coffee from around the world. Coffee from the Utica Roasting Company is micro-roasted in small batches. We select and hand roast the highest quality arabica beans from around the world.

Euphoria Blend Available in:

Hot or Iced:

(hot only)  |  Small  16oz.  |   Medium  20oz.  |   Large 24oz.

Flavor Shots Available for your favorite cup of Coffee:
• French Vanilla
• Hazelnut
• Orgeat (Almond)
• Amaretto
• Pumpkin Spice
• Coconut
• Carmel
• Peppermint
• Sugar Free Vanilla
• Sugar Free Hazelnut

Hot Cocoa:

• Chocoholics
• Mexican Spiced
• Belgian Dark Chocolate
• Peppermint Mocha & Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)


• Black
• Decaf Black
• Green
• Earl Grey
• Mint
• Chamomile

• Original
• Green Tea
• Gingerbread (seasonal)

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